How to treat head lice

Lice Treatment And Removal Services

A lot of people are now being infested with head lice. Nowadays, many stores provide head lice removal services for the affected persons. They assist people in getting rid of their lice and aid them to prevent being infested again. Some forms of these removal services utilize commercial products in removing lice.

Regarding payments, lice removal services ask to pay their customers per person. But some do charging their customers based in hourly rates. Frequently, the procedures of removal are just similar. The only disparity is the way they take away or treat the infestation. To give you a clearer idea about that, here is the usual procedure for lice removal.

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Detection: Certainly, the first step that is done during the removal procedure is the detection of lice. This is normally done with the aid of light which is directly focused on the hair and scalp. The other way of detecting lice is by using a special comb. After the detection of lice presence in a person, it is now time to move up with the next procedure.

Removal: Head lice removal services may vary regarding removal methods used. As mentioned earlier, some removal services get used for commercial products in getting rid of or treating the infestation. Some of them also use natural and manual methods of removal. One best example of this natural and manual way of removal is through the use of a comb that is specialized for removing lice.

Prevention: Removal services aid and teaches their customers about head lice and infestation so they can avoid being infested again. They are being trained to habitually change and wash their bed sheets, blankets, and pillows. They are also advised to get rid of borrowing and using other person’s things (like hats) particularly those that were infested.

Lice Removal Services Offer Parents and Children

Most parents whose kids attend public school have to deal with lice at least once in their lifetime. The condition is usually diagnosed when a parent or teacher discovers lice or eggs in a child’s hair. Teachers or school nurses generally send a note home with every child in the class to let the parents know that their children may have been exposed to lice. Parents who receive this note often treat their children for lice even if they have not shown symptoms of an infestation just as a precaution.

Treating lice can be time-consuming and vexing, especially for busy parents. Although it is necessary for the child to be treated thoroughly to ensure that all of the lice are gone for good, it is difficult for parents because their children are unlikely to cooperate with them during the treatment process. Children are more likely to cooperate with professionals from lice removal services. These professionals are experienced in treating lice and handling children who are energetic or nervous. Some professional lice removal services have their salons where they treat individuals who have been exposed to lice.


Many parents are embarrassed to be seen at a lice removal service location, so many of these companies offer their clients the option of having a professional come into their home to treat their family discreetly. These professional lice removal services may also offer advice about treating blankets, hats, pillows and other soft surfaces that may have come into contact with the child’s head. Head lice cannot live on pets, carpets, furniture or upholstery, so it is unnecessary to treat every surface in your home if you or your child has head lice.

Common head lice treatment methods to get rid of lice include oils, shampoos, sprays and through combing. Parents should choose their lice removal products carefully because most treatment shampoos and sprays contain harsh chemicals and pesticides that can be damaging to the lungs. Generally, the person who was exposed to lice is screened for an infestation first. If no lice are detected, it is very unlikely that any other family member needs to be treated. It is a great idea for parents to check their children’s heads for lice at least twice per month, and certainly to contact one of these companies if they have questions about how to identify signs of an infestation and prevent such problems in the future.